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3 Great Online Courses for Diamond Professionals

Knowledge is Power. Which explains why online courses have become so popular, with new platforms popping up regularly offering courses on practically any subject you can think of. bracelet argent et pierres According to Class Central, a whopping 58 million students signed up for at least one MOOC (massive open online course) in the past 5 bracelet argent dur years! Why are so many people turning to e learning

The Benefits of Learning Online

Convenience. Learn from the comfort of your own home. E learning allows you to learn wherever and whenever is most convenient bracelet argent infini a graver for you allowing you to complete the course bracelet argent gravure homme at your own pace instead of at the rigid pace of campus lecture schedules.

Lower cost. Online learning is far cheaper than traditional learning environments. For professionals seeking to expand their education.

Recognition. For those who want to change jobs or move forward in their current careers, e learning offers a great way to bracelet argent avec zirconium gain education and recognition, with certificate programs that enhance their CV.

Networking. E learning allows you to use chats bague swarovski nirvana and discussion forums to bracelet argent maille grain de riz network with other students from around the world with similar interests!

Engaging study format. Online courses usually present the material in a range of formats, incorporating video, audio and quizzes to engage students and help them integrate bague solitaire grande taille the material better.

E Learning Resources for Diamond Professionals

The diamond industry has begun to capitalize on the e learning trend, with many new dynamic bague swarovski e learning opportunities that can help diamond professionals expand their skill set and cartier love bracelet argent progress in their careers, regardless of gros bracelet argent 925 whether they’re new bracelet argent discret to the industry or seasoned bracelet argent femme en solde professionals. Here are three great online courses to check out:

1. Rapaport bracelet argent 21cm Academy Rapaport has introduced the Rapaport Academy, which offers an array of online courses focusing on the commercial and atx mauron se faire rembourser sur un bracelet argent des consomations practical aspects of the trade. Any diamond professional regardless of their years of experience will find these courses both interesting and beneficial to their career. GIA Distance Education GIA offers a variety of online courses that are primarily focused on grading and evaluating gems, pearls and diamonds. Christie’s Education Get arty with bracelet argent jonc personnalisable Christie’s! Their online learning programs allow you to bracelet argent celte participate in introductory bracelet argent saphir bleu courses to the art world as well as more advanced art courses.

Whether you are looking to broaden your knowledge and skills, or boost your CV and career, it is worth exploring the simplicity bague swarovski opportunities that online courses offer.

As Ann Yang of AA Kim’s Fine bague swarovski mauve Jewelry said “Online learning can help you gain or re establish your knowledge. Although I have been in the diamond industry for about 10 years, I learned a lot about the industry that I did not know before from Rapaport Academy’s online bracelet argent tribal course Fundamentals of Diamond Trading.”

It’s a new year and a great opportunity to enhance your existing skill set with new information and knowledge, or dive into a new field. With e learning, it’s never been easier to gain the education you want!

Rotem Biton is the Program Manager of Rapaport Academy, the e learning platform for diamond industry professionals. Rotem is trilingual, originally bague solitaire bracelet argent massif pierre de lune la vie en or from France, specializing in project management double bracelet argent and business development…

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