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Systemize Your Work Life for Success

Are you an entrepreneur bague homme avec aigle or a manager, and feel like every day at work you just putting out fires Or in your personal life, do you go home and it just crisis after crisis that needs fixing Our typical response to managing the chaos is to get more efficient at putting out those fires. What if the real answer though is not greater efficiency, but instead looking at your life as a series of systems That what today guest, Sam Carpenter, argues in his book Work The System. Today on the show we discuss how to approach work and life with a systems mindset.

How most people manage their work and life (and why bague homme cintrée it often leads to less effective results)

If you a business owner or manager, I highly recommend Work the System. We been applying the principles from the book over here at the Art of Manliness in order to get a better handle on all the moving parts that keep the site going and growing. You can find the book on bague or blanc rose jaune Amazon, but Sam has made it available for free at his website Work The System. You can get it in PDF or audio.

If you looking for more insights on how to use systems to improve your personal life, check out his book The Systems Mindset. Again, Sam has made that available for free in PDF format at The Systems Mindset.

Listen to the Podcast! (And don’t forget to leave taille bague homme m us a review!)Brett McKay: Brett McKay here and welcome to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. Do you own a business fiançailles bague homme Or maybe you don even own a business. Maybe you a manager or an executive at a business at work and you feel like every day at work you just putting out fires. Every day it just crises you putting out Or even in your personal life it could be the same thing: You go home and it just like crisis after crisis after crisis and you just always putting these fires out. You get better; you try to manage these fires by getting more efficient with your fire putting outing, right, by using to do lists and productivity tools.

What if the answer, instead of getting more efficient with putting out fires, would be to look at your business and your life as a series of systems and working on making those systems more efficient. That what my guest today argues. His name is Sam Carpenter. In Work the System he bague or pampille talks about systemizing your business so things run on its own and you don have to worry about putting out fires. Instead you can work on tweaking your system so things run more smoothly.

What interesting, you don have to be a business owner to get something out of this book. You can apply the big picture principles to your own life and find ways to systemize your life, and so instead of putting out fires you can just work on managing systems in your life. Really practical book. I read the book. I gotten a lot out of it in my own business and my own life. Without further ado, Sam Carpenter and Work bague or blanc et pierre bleu the System. Sam Carpenter, welcome to the show.

Sam Carpenter: Thanks, Brett. I really glad to be here today.

Brett McKay: You are a business owner. You own several businesses. Before we talk about what Work the System is and what it means to approach business and life with a systems mindset, let talk about this: How do most people approach their business or their life in trying to manage it

Sam Carpenter: Most people just plunge into the day. They plunge into the day without, I could say, without a plan, but they plunge into the day into this mass of sights, sounds and events and try to get through it and accomplish some kind of a goal, and they fire killing all through the day. That how most people get bague or blanc avec 1 diamant through the day. From the moment they start to get dressed to the end of the day, they pretty much fire killing. What that means is they going in a lot of different directions, and the problem with that is that people perceive the world as a confused mass of sights, sounds and events, and they just jump into the middle of it. That incorrect. That not how the world is. It isn that; it a collection of separate systems, processes, and they all make sense, but until you can see those separate processes, you can wade through and straighten things out. That what I learned at 50 years of age, was to look at the world in a different way and that included seeing life as a collection of separate processes, because that exactly what it is.

Brett McKay: Give us the example of that. You talk about this is the systems mindset: seeing life as a group or as separate, discreet bague homme verre systems, basically. How is that different from, say, productivity and time management tools that a lot of folks use I guess, the productivity tool, does that help people put out fires faster, and then a systems mindset is like, even put out the fires Carpenter: bague homme argent olivine No. Actually, no. What it is, is you go a layer deeper from all the productivity tools, and all the top ten tips, and all this. You go a layer deeper to mechanical reality. You have to start with mechanical reality and this is important. Mechanical reality isn a big confused mass just because we perceive it that way. This is really important. In the first part of Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, my book, the first part talks about the systems mindset in this different viewpoint of the world which is more accurate. What that is, let take a car for example, everybody knows Well, we can take a human body. I do both. A car, what does the radio have to do with the air conditioner

Sam Carpenter: Zero. Nothing. What does the steering wheel have to do with the brakes, or the transmission, really, with the engine Nothing. Are they connected Yes, they connected. In your body, what does your kidney have to do bague homme en forme de femme with your lungs Zero. I know they connected. I know they all come together to make a human being, but our bodies have circulatory systems, neurological systems, skeletal systems, kidneys, stomachs. All these separate, independent entities make up a human body, and you can apply to anything, Brett. First is and here one. People get it when I say bague homme vintage or this: If you go out on your bicycle, and fall down, and break your leg, I guarantee you bague homme avec pierre ovale the paramedics who pick you up are not going to take you to a dermatologist. So you have specialists in medicine. You have specialists with cars.

That is a layer deeper. That the reality of the world. It is not a confused mass, and the cool thing is, if you take these things apart, if you take your life apart, for instance, if you in a house and you go to the kitchen and turn the water on, I bet you bague homme fleur de vie 99.9% of the time the water is going to come out. Or if you go to start your car, it probably going to start, and if you starting your car to go from A to B, there a 99.9% chance you going to get there.

What happens when you break your life down into the mechanical reality and you start seeing reality for what it really is, this is real kind of metaphysical stuff but it reality. You start breaking things down; you see these separate systems almost always work perfectly. Our bodies, let take my body: My body is sitting here, talking to you and communicating with you. I have billions of cells all agreeing they are Sam Carpenter, bague or avec topaze and every second there trillions of electrical signals going off, allowing signification bague homme doigt me to communicate, allowing me to move my hands around. That happening every second. That is a miracle, and so this big miracle people are looking for out there, I have to become enlightened. I have to do this, no, no, no: It right in front of your face when you get up for breakfast. It there at night when you go back to bed. It all during the day. The miracle is right now, and that is the perfection of the universe.

The pretty cool thing, I spent the last decade fixing businesses. That what I do: turn around businesses. We go in. We help the owner of the business see that his business is 99.9% fine or it just a few things there that are really gumming the works: me just finish by saying bague or lac damour this: There isn that much to fix. Let say there a successful businessman. He got a convertisseur taille bague homme beautiful wife. He got a couple of great kids. He making big dollars. Everything really perfect except for one thing, and that blow everything. You can guess what that is: He an alcoholic.

The truth is, everything could be a lot closer to perfect and a lot less chance of going over the brink of destruction if he just stopped drinking. It a very simple thing. That just one illustration. Within a business, it could be you got your brother in law working in your business and it not working out: He not doing his job. He not showing up on time, and the business is really going to heck. What the solution The brother in law needs to leave.

It the same with fixing the human body, or the car, or whatever. I was coming over the pass yesterday, Brett, over here to Portland where I am, from very dry Bend, Oregon. I had had the garage change the oil in my car and put new wipers on my car, and as I came over the pass, the wipers were going, clank, clank, clank, and I was just cursing, put celio bague homme the wrong wipers on, I thought. It was ruining my trip. I was trying to listen to the radio, book on tape. It was just ruining my whole experience. I pulled over, got out of the car. One of the blades hadn been put on properly. I just had to pull it up and snap it into place, and everything was perfect. That a good illustration from yesterday, literally that happened yesterday, coming over in the rain, that your whole life could be really, really messed up if one of those separate systems is dysfunctional, just one.

There isn that much to fix but you got to be able to isolate it. If you having trouble in your business, you can get a book on the top ten things that a successful business person does, but more often than not, it evades the problem, which might be this or it might be that. If you can see the world as a collection of separate processes, then you can easily phebus bague homme isolate the problem process, and because you isolated it, it usually bague homme poisson is a very simple process and it easy to fix. Then you bague homme jeux video fixed it, reinserted it into the thing, into your business, and then you go on to the next dysfunctional system.

That what I did 16 years bague homme thabora ago to repair my business, to take it from a I was working 100 hours a week. I work 80 to 100 hours a week, Brett, for 15 years. That 15. I didn make any money, single parent of two kids, and overnight I got this idea. I won go into it here, but I got this idea that maybe I wasn seeing life correctly, choisir bague homme and that is is a collection of separate systems. Everything changed from that moment on, and that what my book is about, both my books. My new book is about that too.

Brett McKay: Getting metaphysical here, so there are systems going on your life or your business even if you are not aware of it, right You might have created systems without even being aware that you created a system, correct Is that what you saying..

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